Eagerly-awaited sequel to the best-selling BOUGHT BY THE BILLIONAIRE BROTHERS series!

Billionaire bad boy Nolan Buchanan...a daddy? 

Known as the cool head with a charming smile, Nolan has no problem sweet-talking women into his bed and definitely no problem keeping them there but when he meets sports trainer Shannon Garrity, he's shocked when she only wants one night with him. Nolan is used to getting what he wants and making no apologies but he soon discovers that getting what he wants from Shannon may be the most difficult -- and rewarding -- challenge of his life.

Shannon Garrity never does reckless or spontaneous --except for that one time she went home with the hottest guy in the club for no-names, no-holds-barred, change-your-religion sex that left her aching, sore, and deliciously sated the next morning. However, six weeks later she realized that night with the hot guy with the beautiful eyes and dirty mind had created unexpected consequences. Suddenly a single mom, Shannon has no intentions of telling Nolan he'd fathered her child but fate has different plans.

Can Nolan put aside his wild bachelor life for a family of his own? Can Shannon trust that beneath that sexy bad boy billionaire veneer is a good guy just waiting for an equally good woman? Sparks fly when worlds and philosophies collide but a baby changes everything.
Find out how the next Buchanan billionaire is brought to his knees in this sequel to the best-selling series, Bought By The Billionaire Brothers, by erotic romance author Alexx Andria.

"Nolan..." The strangled whisper told volumes. She tightened her hold on the child, who turned to stare at him with her finger in her mouth. "What are you doing here?" she asked, her eyes darting past him. "You shouldn't be here."
"There are a lot of places I shouldn't go but here isn't one of them."
"Please, Nolan. This is my job. I can't get into this with you right now."
"Too bad," he said, not willing to budge. "I have some questions and you're going to answer them." A surprising shock of awareness rippled through Nolan as he stared at the woman he last saw three years ago. His gaze returned to the toddler who was about three years old and that sickening lurch in his gut returned. He stared harder at the little girl and his brain quickly began picking out the easy similarities between himself and her fair features. "She mine?" he asked in a hard tone. When the woman's lips tightened as if refusing to answer he repeated the question only this time his gaze narrowed with unrestrained anger. "Is she mine?"
He wanted to believe her so he could walk away but the sad truth was he knew she was lying. He could plainly see Buchanan traits in that child. "You're lying."
"What are you doing here?" she asked plaintively, her eyes growing wet. "How did you find me?"
"Funny thing about that. I didn't find you. Someone sent me an anonymous note saying I had a kid. Honestly, I thought it was a ruse to shake me down for some money. But I see now that whatever their motives, it had nothing to do with money. Surprisingly."
"And you think I sent that note?" she asked incredulously. "Well, I didn't."
"I'm beginning to realize that. Regardless of who sent the damned note, don't you think it might've been prudent to let me know I had fathered a child?"
"No." She lifted her chin. "I never had any intentions of you knowing."

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  • billionaire alpha hero secret baby pregnancy romance contemporary romance steamy romance billionaire brother rich and ruthless hero
    Language: English / Published: 16 March 2014


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    Alexx Andria

    Bestselling erotica author Alexx Andria is the pseudonym for RITA-nominated contemporary romance author, Kimberly Van Meter. Born in a small town with a flair for the dramatic, Alexx Andria has a delightfully perverted nature that she hides behind a mischievous smile.


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